What exactly is NRnanofiber?

Nanofiber is a very special and innovative material that is used greatly in the medical sector, such as:

- Blood filter

It has a permanent 99.87% anti-bacterial properties. Since NRnanofiber comes from the material and not just the coating on the top of the material, it is very hygienic and environmental friendly. The blood can travel through the filter tube without carrying any contaminated substances back to the body.


- Post-Surgery wear

The material not only promotes comfort but also keeps the wound dry post surgery. The fiber is dry, breathable and has a thermal control. This will speed up wound healing. So the fiber is a great solution for uncomfortable apparel such as compression garment.

- Diabetes Socks


1. Quick dry and anti-bacteria permanently so it could heal the wound and is very comfortable to wear.

2. Hollow fiber support the thickness; NRnanofiber has a thermal control properties so people will not feel too cold or too hot wearing these thick socks. It will adjust the proper thermal on the foot. This boost up the blood circulation and absorp the shock by 22.55%. "22.55% Shock absorption Technology TM" Also can be used as flight socks or sports socks.

3. Reduce the numb and blood clots: With another step of the air texture technology, we combine the fibre with an air. This could reduce the rubber band effect on the joint, reduce the risk of blood clots on the foot area.

NR team believes the material will be very suitable for the sports market especially in compressions socks and pants. It is ambitious to make a compression wear that can promote health and safety while keeping comfort at the same time.This dream has finally come true after the first launch of Classic Cycling pant in 2014. The feedback is incredible and the first lot has been sold out within a few days.

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There are many customers review on the facebook page and the brand has been widespread by word of mouth.

 We proudly present the next invention, ‘The Ultralight collection’. It is our best sweat wicking technology for cycling jersey that we have ever made. There are three jerseys on this collection:: Ultralight Lace, Ultralight Stripe, Ultralight Stealth

This collection has come out successfully in terms of both the quality and the brand awareness. Customers have requested a lot on the complete accessories especially on the sock; our expert area. Beside our NanoTechnology, NR has come out two new technologies during the diabetes sock development process.

1. Selected Terry Technology: Allow to put some thickness at selected area. Cycling socks could not be thick for the whole feet due to concern for the highest efficiency (input=output+shock absorption). So NR cycling socks have been designed to be thick in certain areas that need more support.

2. 22.55% Shock Absorption Technology: NR has adapted the technology from the sock we made for Plantar fasciitis by making hollow fiber to absorb pressure. It has been tested by TRECS lab&research that the sock can reduce pressure by 22.55%. That is the origin of the name.

Socks for Plantar fasciitis click here

Our mission is to produce product which provides health benefits. We truly believe fashion is easy to do, function is another step, but health benefits are the priority. We love our customers so we must take care and support them in their daily life.

We come out with NR+ product this year. NR+ allow normal people to buy and give to their loved ones in a reasonable price. Our customers could always Give the good product; Give the Love and Give the health.

The product includes:

Plantar fasciitis socks

Diabetes socks


Far-infrared Foot Pad

Compression leg sleeves

Tennis Elbow armsleeves

Anti-odor socks

Flight socks

Travelling socks

Compression Pants

Beside this, we have done some of the cut-resistant product; pants, socks, armsleeves and legsleeves to reduce accident rate and support barefoot runners.

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NR has successfully produced many customized orders. The biggest event (NR is the first supplier fully booked up with the highest price ticket.) is the "Inthanon Bike Event (More than 7,500 cyclists)"
click here for the explanation on the health benefit of the jersey 

With the belief in our in-house research and advanced technology, 2018 is the time for us to expand across to global market.

NR is finding the right partner to promote this technology.