We are one of the largest NANOFIBER producers in the world. 

Designer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance technical yarn and textiles used in demanding industries such as sports, medical, military and automobile.

Global Presence:


  • Headquartered in Bangkok since 1975.
  • Factory on 400 acre site in Ang Thong
  • Numrung Rayon Company (Functional yarn and fabric)
  • Nanofiber (Nanotechnology yarn)
  • NRR (Embroidery lace)
  • MyFabricDesign (InnoDyed sublimation)


  • Embroidery Digitizing
  • GraphXsources (Vector art service)

Belgium & Poland

  • The Sport Sock Company (High performance sports and medical socks)


Our Headquarter



Our Angthong Factory (400 acre site)


Our Credentials

A big step in medical and sports sector since 1975


Compression and sock roadshows at the hospital