22.55% Shock Absorption Technology

Beside our NanoTechnology, NR has come out two new technologies during the diabetes sock development process.

1. Selected Terry Technology: Allow to put some thickness at selected area. Cycling socks could not be thick for the whole foot due to the concern on the highest efficiency (input=output+shock absorption). So NR cycling socks have been produced to be thick at some area that need support and thin at the specific area to increase power.

2. 22.55% Shock Absorption Technology: NR has adapted the technology from the sock we made for Plantar fasciitis by making the hollow fibre to absorb the pressure. It has been tested by TRECS lab&research that the sock could be reduced the pressure by 22.55%. That is the origin of the name.

Socks for Plantar fasciitis click here

Our mission is to produce the product based on the health benefit. We truly believe fashion is easy to do; Function is another step but health benefit is the needed one. Our customers are ones we love to take care of and we don't want them to spend on their medical care in the future. Our responsible is to protect them from the injury and support them to move easily than they imagine they do!!!



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